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Tips for Moving During Winter

Let’s face it…moving during any time of the year is stressful, but moving during winter can seem especially daunting. On top of having to pack up all your belongings, changing your address and finding a mover (or convincing your friends to help), a wintertime move comes with the added burden of inclement weather, fewer daylight hours, and moving during the holidays.

To take the stress our of your wintertime move, we’ve gathered the best tips and tricks so you can get back to enjoying the cozy season and focusing on the joy of moving into your new home!

  1. Focus on the Positives

Yes, moving during winter comes with its cons, but there are also many benefits to moving in the winter! For one, it’s cheaper! Summer is the most popular moving season, which means moving companies and rental trucks are in high demand with higher prices. During the slower winter moving season, it’s easier to find a deal or discounted prices on moving companies. Plus, they’ll be more flexible on availability as well!
  1. Check The Weather

After you’ve shopped around to find the best deal on a moving company, check (and keep checking) the weather. You’ll potentially need to plan your move around snowstorms, ice conditions, or freezing temperatures. Be prepared to have to reschedule a move; ask your moving company about cancellation policies and inclement weather policies. The safety of yourself and your movers is the top priority. If bad storms are predicted, make the call on whether to postpone the move.
  1. Pack Safety Items

Make a list of everything you need for your move. In addition to the usual packing supplies, stock up on kitty litter, salt, and shovels for melting ice and clearing snow, moving blankets and plastic tarps for preserving furniture and floors, and plastic moving boxes for your most valuable items to prevent water damage from snow or icy conditions.
While planning to take care of your items during the move, remember to plan to take care of yourself as well. Have a first-aid kit readily available for moving day equipped with thermal blankets and a flashlight. Before you pack away your clothes, set aside a warm, layered outfit along with non-slip boots and gloves to wear on moving day. 
  1. Make a Plan for Pets and Children

Moving day can be hectic, so you’ll want to make sure your pets and young children are in a safe and warm spot out of the way. While preparing for your move, check that your pet has a collar and an ID tag and that they’re microchipped with up-to-date information. If you’re moving locally, plan to either board your pet or have a trusted family member or friend watch them while you move. If you’re moving locally with children, have a trusted person watch them for the day.

If you’re moving a long distance, you’ll need to factor in the trip while you’re preparing to move. Set aside everything your pet and children might need for the journey, like food, medicine, water, and comfort items. Plan to make stops along the way to give everyone time to stretch their legs and use the restroom. Once you get to your destination, put pets in a designated room of your new home with the door closed and heat running. Apartment moving is stressful for animals, so make sure they’re comfortable by providing them with access to water, their crate or cage, and other comfort items like a bed and favorite toys. For children, bring a trusted person along so that they can help watch your child during the move and make sure they have snacks and toys with them to occupy themselves as well.
  1. Pack Early

Two weeks before the big day, make sure your packing is going according to plan. Everything should be packed before moving day, so it can be loaded onto the truck and unpacked at the new place as quickly as possible. Remember, it gets dark early during the winter, so don’t waste time packing while you’re supposed to be moving.  While on the topic of packing, make sure to set aside delicate items (like electronic) that should not be exposed to freezing temperatures.  Place these items in a secure container where they will remain dry, and temperature controlled.
  1. Ensure Utilities are Transferred

About a week or so before your move, double check that your utilities are transferred and ready to be switched on at the new place. Even one night without heat is dangerous in freezing weather. You’ll want to confirm that at least your water, power, electricity, and gas will be on by moving day. 

New Year = New Home!

A winter move is the perfect time to start fresh in the new year, and by following the tips above, you’ll make it as stress-free as possible. HOHM Apartments in Highlandtown is now leasing studio, 1, 2,3 & 4-bedroom apartments for January move-ins! Give us a call to schedule your tour of our brand-new apartment community and ask about our move-in specials!